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Will Smith and TbarryBob Hope camo Golf Knickers Tbarry
George Lopez Tbarry Classic Golf KnickersCraig T Nelson Tbarry Classic Golf Knickers
Marlene Floyd in Classic Tbarry Golf KnickersPhil Harris in Classic Tbarry Golf Knickers
Payne Stewart in Classic Tbarry Golf KnickersGerald Ford President in Classic Tbarry Golf Knickers
Sinatra twins Tbarry Golf CapsJim Ferree The Tbarry Knicker Co
Jimmy Demaret The Tbarry Knicker CoPat Boone and Tim Barry in classic Golf Knickers
Bob Hope Classic Marshall Leaders The Tbarry Knicker Co
(Above, from left to right) T.Barry & Little T.Barry (Tricia)
T.Barry's first store on fashionable "El Paseo" in Palm Desert, California. Circa 1982
The Tbarry Knicker Co
(From Left to right) Billy Casper, Jimmy Demaret's brother "AL," Tim Barry, Phil Harris
The T.Barry Knicker Co. "Hall of Fame" Induction. Circa 1995
Early promotion hot air balloon flown over Bob Hope Classic Golf Tournament. Circa 1983.
The Tbarry Knicker Co Payne Stewart in golf knickers magazine front cover
Golf Legend Payne Stewart in T.Barry Golf Knickers make the front cover.

barry knickers bob-hope-cover
Bob Hope on the cover of Palm Springs Life Magazine in 1986, in which he is fully dressed in a T.Barry Knicker outfit; he is sporting a T.Barry golf cap, with a T.Barry vest, and a vardon houndstooth golf knicker.

PALM DESERT Golf Knickers Tbarry
T.Barry golf knicker outfits on the front cover of the Palm Desert Magazine dating back to 1986, with the headline of "Elegance of the 80's"

The start of Senior Golf in Austin, TX. This year they honored Jimmy Demaret & T.Barry was there to suit up the field. 1984.

T.Barry In the January 1992 issue of Desert Style, where his T.Barry product line was promoted as "Elegance" for the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic.

Bob Hope, President Gerald ford, Bob hope classic Golf
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We started Payne Stewart wearing Golf knickers, and in our more than 30 years in business, we've worked with a variety of celebrities and golfing professionals. We've been blessed with endorsements from the following individuals:
Former President Gerald Ford | Former President Bill Clinton | Bob Hope | Mickey Rooney | Will Smith| Payne Stewart | Glenn Campbell | Telly Savalis | Mac Davis | Andy Williams | Jack Lemon | Tip O'Neill | Steve Garvey | Hal Linden | Cheryl Ladd | Skiles & Henderson | Arnold Palmer | Bobby Locke | Bruce Devlin | Fuzzy Zoeller | Gene Sarazen | Miller Barber | Mike Souchak | Hubby Green | Phil Harris | Claude Akins |  Jimmy Demaret | Rod Funseth (1983 Legends Winner) | Billy Casper | Bob Toski | Gay Brewer | Tommy Bolt | Bill Collins | Al Balding | Bob Rosburg | Michael Brannan | Clarence Rose | Jim Ferree | Marlene Floyd-De Arman | Martha Nause | Penny Pulz | Muffin Spencer-Devlin | and many more...
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